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Historical Articles

Redemptoris Missio In the Development of Missiological Thought

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This article is taken from a presentation from a symposium given at the Pontificia Universita Urbaniana January 19, 2001 entitled "A dieci anni dalla Redemptoris Missio".  This article reflects upon missiological thought since the publication of Redemptoris Missio certainly the most important encyclical letter on Mission in the 20th centruy.

The Spirituality of Our Society According to the Charism of Our Founder

By: D. Luigi Contegiacomo, cpps

By the spirituality, of a Community I mean the sum total of the fundamental values given by the Founder as the special basis and feature of his foundation. I say fundamental values, not their practical applications and their consequences. In this study, therefore, we will speak exclusively of these values, abstracting from the applications and inferences made by St. Gaspar himself and by others after him. These latter will form the object of other studies and researches.

The Roots of Our Being Together

The inspiration bestowed on Francis Albertini evolved historically and ecclesially from its initial expression in a lay form; this led eventually to other concretizations in a priestly form and several religious forms. The gift bestowed on Albertini in prayer could thus be called the "original charism" which later manifested itself in the lives and mission of other key figures who in turn possessed unique charisms of their own. Admittedly, the later forms can trace their descendance from the original more or less directly.

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