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Short Term, Long Term, on Whose Terms?

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This article was a presentation given at the USCMA Annual Mission Conference, University of Notre Dame, October 1, 2006. This article seeks to explore the many sides of the question about the term or lenght of time that a person is sent on mission, particularly the theological and missiological implications of different lengths of service in mission.

Redemptoris Missio In the Development of Missiological Thought

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This article is taken from a presentation from a symposium given at the Pontificia Universita Urbaniana January 19, 2001 entitled "A dieci anni dalla Redemptoris Missio".  This article reflects upon missiological thought since the publication of Redemptoris Missio certainly the most important encyclical letter on Mission in the 20th centruy.

Five Panel Presentations From 2010 Convocation

Prophetic Witness: Sr. Karen Elliott, CPPS; Evangelization: Sr. Christa Mary Jones, CPS; Covenant: Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Arline Niemas, CPPS Companions; Conversation Journey: Sr. Eileen Scheiber, CPPS; Reconciliation: Fr. Joseph Nassal, CPPS

In response to the keynote addresses at the 2010 Precious Blood Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri, six panelists offered their reflections looking through the lens of the spirituality of the Precious Blood.  The presentations highlighted five images from the spirituality of the Precious Blood: prophetic witness, evangelization, covenant, conversion journey and reconciliation.  

Convocation 2010 Keynote Address: Rivers of Living Water Welling Up Within

Barbara E. Reid, O.P.

This article is the Keynote Address given by Sr. Barbara E. Reid, O.P., at the 2010 Precious Blood Convocation on July 27, 2010.  The convocation was a gathering of approximately 300 members and lay associates of the Precious Blood Religious Congregations serving throughout North America.  The theme of the convocation was "Who will speak a word that will rouse them?  I can, I must, I will. Will you?" In her talk, Barbara Reid reflects upon the call to prophetic leadership in response to the needs of the church and the world today.


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