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Articles on Globalization

Short Term, Long Term, on Whose Terms?

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This article was a presentation given at the USCMA Annual Mission Conference, University of Notre Dame, October 1, 2006. This article seeks to explore the many sides of the question about the term or lenght of time that a person is sent on mission, particularly the theological and missiological implications of different lengths of service in mission.

Five Panel Presentations From 2010 Convocation

Prophetic Witness: Sr. Karen Elliott, CPPS; Evangelization: Sr. Christa Mary Jones, CPS; Covenant: Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Arline Niemas, CPPS Companions; Conversation Journey: Sr. Eileen Scheiber, CPPS; Reconciliation: Fr. Joseph Nassal, CPPS

In response to the keynote addresses at the 2010 Precious Blood Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri, six panelists offered their reflections looking through the lens of the spirituality of the Precious Blood.  The presentations highlighted five images from the spirituality of the Precious Blood: prophetic witness, evangelization, covenant, conversion journey and reconciliation.  

The Paradox of Vatican II: Theology in a New Millennium

By: Robert J. Schreiter

It is assuredly a moment of grace that the first academic chair to be inaugurated under the auspices of the Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Center be dedicated to the study of the Second Vatican Council. Time and again in his fourteen years as Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Bernardin reasserted that the implementation of the directives of the Second Vatican Council stood at the center of his ministry. As a young bishop he had attended the closing sessions of the Council. The two bishops who were his special mentors, Paul Hallinan of Atlanta and John Dearden of Detroit, had both been profoundly transformed by their experience of participation in the Council. Cardinal Bernardin’s own work as a bishop remains for many of us the quintessential example of what it means to lead the Church in the style intended by the Council.

Many Cultures—One Heart: A Spirituality of Tenderness and Compassion in a Multicultural World

By: Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

One of the social realities which globalization has heightened has been the increasing presence of many cultures together. Cultures have, of course, always rubbed up against one another throughout history. But what we see today is that more people than ever are affected by what has come to be known as multiculturalism, that is, the situation in which people must learn to live with more multiple cultures simultaneously.

Globalization and a Spirituality Of The Covenant

By: Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This international symposium is dedicated to looking at the charism of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in light of two of the most significant social factors shaping our world today: globalization and multiculturalism. What does a spirituality of the Blood of Christ have to say to each of these realities? In what way would they lead us in discipleship to Jesus Christ?

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