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St. Gaspar del Bufalo

The Liturgy of the Hours--Feast Days for Congregations Dedicated to the Blood of Christ

The Liturgy of the Hours
Missionaries of the Precious Blood and Adorers of the Blood of Christ

This publication is a collection of the Morning and Evening Prayers as well as the Office of Readings for the Feast Days that are particular to the congregations dedicated to the Blood of Christ. These Feast Days include: Saint Maria de Mattias, Mary Help of Christians, Feast of the Precious Blood, Our Lady of Sorrows/Woman of the New Covenant, Saint Gaspar del Bufalo and Saint Francis Xavier

Daily Calendar: St. Gaspar del Bufalo — Our Daily Companion

By: Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S.

The editor has compiled this spiral bound calendar so that there is a daily quote from the words of St. Gaspar del Bufalo which have been taken from his letters. The quotes offer a key to entering into his spiritual life and are translated into English, Italian and Spanish. The pages are in color and each month offers a different image of St. Gaspar in art. (400 pgs.)

Publisher: Editions du Signe – B.P. 94 – 67038 Strasbourg - France
Publication Date: 2004

No Turning Back: The Life of St. Gaspar del Bufalo

Mario Spinelli

Fr. Robert Schreiter who helped edit No Turning Back describes it as “a modern biography of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, written by Mario Spinelli, who specialized in biographies of the saints. It not only gives a vivid account of St. Gaspar’s life, but also take up questions which would be raised by 21 century readers: about how to understand St. Gaspar in the church of his times; his relation to the political situation; his miracles. Readers will find it refreshing and dynamic in its picture of St. Gaspar.” This book was first published in Italian in 1996. (243 pgs.)

St. Gaspar del Bufalo, Preaching the Precious Blood. Volume II.

By: Beniamino Conti, C.PP.S.

Volume II examines St. Gaspar’s preaching on the devotion to the Precious Blood. Gaspar was renowned as one of the great preachers of his day and the Congregation he founded in 1815 had as a special aim the preaching of missions and retreats for the renewal of the Church. Conti introduces the reader to the sources for understanding the preaching of St. Gaspar on the Blood of Christ and how he saw preaching on this mystery as the appropriate response to the need for re-evangelizing the Church of his time.

St. Gaspar del Bufalo, Apostle of the Precious Blood. Volume I.

St. Gaspar del Bufalo, Apostle of the Precious Blood.  Volume I.
By: Beniamino Conti, C.PP.S.

Volume One focuses on devotion to the Blood of Christ in the Life and Apostolate of Saint Gaspar. This book traces the spiritual journey of St Gaspar as he allowed the fire of Christ’s love, expressed so profoundly in the mystery of the Precious Blood, to transform him into a living fire of love, the preeminent apostle of the Blood of Christ.

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