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Blood Drive Basics

“The life of a living body is in its blood,” we read in Leviticus 17:11. We have the opportunity every day to donate that which is most precious to us, a portion of our life, our blood, to others. Because we will never know who receives it, it is the ultimate gift. One could even see it as an imitation of Christ, who poured out his Blood for us.

Prayer of Reconciliation Before a Meeting

Sr. Mary Whited, C.PP.S., O'Fallon Sisters of the Precious Blood

Prayer of Reconciliation Before a Meeting
By:  Sr. Mary Whited, C.PP.S.
Loving God, we gather here today, people united in the Precious Blood. As we speak our truth and listen to each other, open our hearts and enlighten our minds. Let our conversation reflect your presence, your wisdom, and your abiding love. Enable us to be instruments of the reconciliation and healing that is so needed in our world today. We pray, as always, in Jesus' name.  Amen.

Go and Do Likewise

Sr. Janet Winandy, C.PP.S.--Dayton Precious Blood Sisters

Go and Do Likewise
By:  Sr. Janet Winandy, C.PP.S.

Blood…life fluid, irreplaceable,
if blood stops, life ends,
if blood flows, life continues,
if blood is transfused, life is healed...

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