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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers (screenshot)

At the 2005 Precious Blood Congress members were asked...What is a Precious Blood Brother?

CPPS Today, Spring 2010

CPPS Today, Spring 2010 (cover)
Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Cincinnati Province

Spring 2010: Through Others' Eyes; How the Mission Changes the Missionary

Who Will Speak the Word?

By: Ralph C. Verdi, CPPS, with vocal by Lucille Johnson PB Companion

Precious Blood Convocation, St. Louis University, July 26-29, 2010. PDF scores and MP3s of Instrumental track and vocal track are available to download. Copyright 2009 by Ralph C. Verdi. All Rights Reserved.

Homily: Blood Transfusion (Feast of the Precious Blood)

By: Fr. Angelo Anthony, C.PP.S.

I would venture to say that most of the images of blood that we are exposed to reveal situations here blood is poured out in violence. We see casualties of war, shooting in the street and domestic violence in the home. Blood is seen s a scary thing. For some, the very sight of blood causes them to turn pale, get light headed and pass out on the floor!

Reflection: Being Like Children

By: Jean Giesige

Near the end of the year at our little Catholic school, in the Gospel at the children's mass we heard Jesus tell his followers that unless they became like little children, they could not enter the kingdom of heaven. I love that reading and the children probably do too. It is a vindication for their way of life. Nearly always the situation is reversed and they are shown adult role models and told to act more grown up. Once in a blue moon, in church, they get to listen in as the grownups are told to act more like children.

Reflection: Ring that Bell

By: Jean Giesige

Over the years that our oldest son, now a senior, played high school football, I experienced a slow conversion from being someone who hated football and most other sports to someone who could on occasion tell a guard from a tackle. (The guard is next to the center and the tackle is on the end of the offensive line, duh.)

Reflection: Let Us Pray

By: Jean Giesige

Our sixth grader's basketball games in our little Christian league always began with a prayer. Players, coaches and officials gathered at the center of the court and recited the same prayer each week from battered pieces of paper that were collected to be used again the following week.

But at one away game last season, somebody forgot to pack the prayer papers. There was a moment of stunned silence before one of the coaches on the opposing team volunteered to lead an extemporaneous prayer.