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Wine Cellar, Summer 2009

Editor: Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S.

A New Creation (Summer 2009, Number 21)

  • Behold the New Creation, Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. (Page 2)
  • Becoming a New Creation, Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. (Page 6)
  • From Chaos to a New Creation, Thomas Welk, C.PP.S. (Page 13)
  • A Spirituality of Leadership for the New Creation, Therese Wetta, A.S.C. (Page 20)
  • Toward that Beautiful Order, Barbara Jean Franklin, A.S.C. (Page 30)
  • The Ever-Changing Story of Religious Life, Mary Whited, C.PP.S. (Page 35)
  • Christ’s Cosmic Call, A Poem by Madeleine Kisner, A.S.C. (Page 43)
  • A Litany of Life for a New Creation, Donna Liette, C.PP.S. (Page 44)
  • The New Creation: Cultivating a Capacity for Memory and Imagination, Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. (Page 49)
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