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Wine Cellar, January 2010

Editor: Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S.

Spirituality and the Arts (January 2010, Number 22)

  • Kite Runners for the Realm, Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. (Page 2)
  • Onward Ever—Backward Never, A Poem by Madeleine Kisner, A.S.C. (Page 7)
  • Beyond the Walls: Artistic Expression and Reconciliation, Dave Kelly C.PP.S. (Page 9)
  • Reconciliation, Imaged and Imagined: The Power of Film, Antonio Sison, C.PP.S. (Page 16)
  • Gaspar’s Madonna, Jerome Stack, C.PP.S. (Page 22)
  • Liturgical Art Reflects Contemplative Presence, Mary Cecile Gunelson, C.PP.S. (Page 28)
  • The Arts and Precious Blood Spirituality, James Sloan, C.PP.S. (Page 36)
  • Telling the Story: The Use of Images and Metaphors in Preaching, Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. (Page 41)
  • Giving Form to Spiritual Concepts: A New Creation, Eileen Tomlinson, C.PP.S. (Page 51)
  • The Liberal Arts: Satisfying the Hunger for Freedom, Thomas A. Welk, C.PP.S. (Page 55)
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