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Reflection: Spirituality of the Precious Blood

By: Jean Giesige

If you had to define your spiritual life, if you had to identify its characteristics as if it were a new species of butterfly, could you do it? How would you describe your spirituality? Are you a contemplative, a mystic, a missionary, a preacher, a poet, a doer, a disciple? What songs and prayers most stir your spiritual imagination? What path calls to you on your walk of faith?

Spirituality can be difficult to define. But members of religious congregations strive to put a name to the particular kind of spirituality that they practice. Jesuits follow the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Paulists hope to evangelize in the spirit of St. Paul. Marianists seek to emulate Mary as a model of discipleship.

Like them, Missionaries of the Precious Blood – priests, brothers and lay associates, called Companions – are encouraged in their faith formation to look at the world from a certain point of view...