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Reflection: Ring that Bell

By: Jean Giesige

Over the years that our oldest son, now a senior, played high school football, I experienced a slow conversion from being someone who hated football and most other sports to someone who could on occasion tell a guard from a tackle. (The guard is next to the center and the tackle is on the end of the offensive line, duh.)

So slow and so painful was this conversion that at the end-of-the-year football banquet, where our senior boys were honored for their mighty efforts, the other football moms presented me with a cowbell. Dyed-in-the-wool football fans bring cowbells to all games to make a lot of noise in support of their team.

It was a gift that I will treasure as a symbol of the sacrifice I make willingly out of love of my sons, football players all. But that cowbell has become an important totem in our home for another reason as well...