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Reflection: Parishioners Reach Out To Their Far-Away Twin

By: Jean Giesige

The members of a parish draw comfort and strength from each other. That spiritual strength can also stretch far beyond the walls of the parish church.

At Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Ottawa, Ohio, as at many Precious Blood parishes, the people have initiated outreach to C.PP.S. missions in other countries. Sts. Peter and Paul has a twinning relationship with the C.PP.S. mission in Guatemala.

That relationship has meant a lot to the Norm and Cathy Klass family of Ottawa. “Fr. Tom Hemm, our pastor, has introduced our parish to the spirit of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood through our relationship with a parish in Guatemala,” said Cathy Klass, an active member of the Sts. Peter and Paul parish who has had the opportunity to visit its sister parish in Guatemala. “We have all grown through this relationship. We have learned how to partner, share our resources and work together to assist our sisters and brothers in Los Vados, Guatemala. They in turn have helped us. We’ve learned about poverty, faith, inequality, love and contentment from our relationships there...