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Prayer Service on Mission

Reflection Time: Who has been a role model of a missionary heart in your life? Call to mind an example of how this person lived their missionary call.


Heaven and earth will pass away, but your word will remain, O God;
---Let this promise of eternal life in you give meaning to our lives and energize us in your service.

You bless your people with a variety of talents, O God;
---give us the courage to develop our gifts for your glory and the good of all.

Jesus, you foresaw the stark reality of the future, and you encouraged your followers to have patience;
---help us to live the gospel so faithfully that our lives will be a beacon of hope to others.

We are your children and you look upon us with love;
---help us to refrain from judging other negatively and to temper justice with mercy.

Jesus, your message calls for the new wineskins of openness to your word;
---help us to free ourselves from what is merely familiar and comfortable.

(Intercessions from: Morning & Evening Prayer, ASC)

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