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Many the Voices

Fr. Ralph Verdi, C.PP.S.

On the occasion of the Third Precious Blood Congress held at the University of Dayton on August 1-4, 2005, a meeting of Roman Catholic religious communities founded upon devotion to Jesus Christ under the aspect of the shedding of his Most Precious Blood, I was asked by the liturgical planning committee of the sponsoring organization, the Precious Blood Leadership Conferenc (PBLC), to provide a unifying congress theme song.

The task was to provide a corporate hymn expressing who the Precious Blood communities have become in Christ under the aspect of the shedding of his Most Precious Blood, while at the same time incorporating the many spiritual insights imparted to the various founders in their spiritual journies of establishing new religious communities for the spread of the Gospel. It became obvious that the only way to do this within the expanse of a single hymn was to take each of the founders at their own word and to use those words as the basis of revealing unity in their devotion to Christ in the shedding of his Most Precious Blood, and also at the same time as a way to highlight their rich diversity of unique spiritual insights within that same devotion.

Choosing what seemed most characteristic of their personalities as revealed in their own words, or in the sayings and traditions they left behind when exact words were not available, I was able to craft a responsorial hymn with a unifying theme for the refrain expressing common identity as Precious Blood families, and a key but distinct spiritual insight of each founder in the verses. 

While it must be pointed out that, as indicated in the copyright notices, all music and text remain the sole property of the owners designated therein, any member of any of the religious families of the Precious Blood and their Associates and Companions may copy at any time any part or all of this material for use in worship services or meetings without further permission since this material is de facto part of their commonly shared spiritual heritage, proviced that "Used by permission" clearly appears on the bottom of the first page.

Spirituality in Action: