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Glory Be To Jesus!

Original Music by Fr. Justin Henkel, C.PP.S. (1916) Keyboard and Guitars arranged by Ralph C. Verdi, C.PP.S. (1998)

In keeping with the spirit of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, the time-honored hymn, Glory Be to Jesus, with its original text from the 18th century, has been revised both textually and musically to meet the demands of today's liturgical needs without eclipsing authentic values of the past.  Since this hymn has been consistently used and accepted by many in the rligious families of the Precious Blood and their Associates and Companions sinc ethe hymn's introduction in 1916, it holds a unique place in their life of worship as it is a hymn directly to Christ under the aspect of his Most Precious Blood.  As such, the effort to revise and update it is not only appropraite bu even necessary since it provides continuity with past traditions in a way no other hymn can.

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