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CPPS Today, Winter 2010

Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Cincinnati Province

Winter 2010: God's Promise of New Life

Page 2: Chance Meetings by Divine Design

God puts people into our lives for a reason. Between the Lines by Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, C.PP.S., general editor of C.PP.S. Today.

Page 3: God’s Promise of New Life

It is heart-wrenching to say goodbye to a loved one. God promises us that their lives are changed, but not ended; our lives changed too. By Fr. Angelo Anthony, C.PP.S.

Page 7: Missionary Hearts Update

An update on our comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Page 9: Labor of Love

A deacon’s mother is making one-of-a-kind vestments for her son’s ordination to the priesthood this summer.

Page 14: Parents as Partners

Parents can be a tremendous support to young people discerning a vocation to the consecrated life. Vocational Visions by Fr. Ken Schnipke, C.PP.S., director of vocation ministry.

Page 17: Married and Remarried

The full effects of a sacrament sometimes take years to appreciate. At Our House by Jean Giesige, editor of C.PP.S. Today.

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