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The Spirituality of the Blood of Christ

The spirituality of the Blood of Christ calls us to be a reconciling and hope-filled presence in the world today. So great is this gift that we feel compelled to share it with all. This website is meant to introduce this spirituality to a greater audience, and invite all who visit it to bring an awareness of the power of the Precious Blood into their daily lives. We will offer easy-to-use resources, including prayers and prayer services, articles, bibliographies, homilies, music, art and video, all meant to help people enter more fully into this wonderful redeeming gift that we share.

Websites Related to Precious Blood Congregations

C.PP.S. Generalate for Men’s Congregations

The C.PP.S. is a Society of Apostolic Life of priests, brothers, and students. They share a common mission of service to the Church, live a community life, and are sustained by a spirituality of the Blood of Christ.

PBLC (Precious Blood Leadership Conference)

The Purpose of the Conference: "To further the mission and spirituality of the seven participating religious communities through substantive collaboration."

PBMR – Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

The PBMR is a network of reconciliation ministries inspired by a spirituality of the Precious Blood.  Motivated by the belief that "those who were once far off have been brought near through the blood of Christ" (Eph. 2:13), we work as agents of reconciliation.

Precious Blood Parish Missions

"The preachers of Precious Blood Parish Missions proclaim God’s abundant love for all and celebrate God’s unbounded mercy with people longing to hear the Good News of our salvation in Christ and through his Precious Blood..."

Sorrowful Mother Shrine

"The Oldest Marian Shrine in the Midwest. Founded 1850, we are now in our 160th Year."