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Witnesses to the Blood of Christ

Fr. Anton Loipfinger, C.PP.S

Being Witnesses of the Blood of Christ

I wish to develop the following thoughts: The Precious Blood spirituality is truly a way of life, a way through life, a way to life, because therein we discover what is truly a fundamental spirituality, which is an integral aspect of the Church, which makes us into apostles, and which leads us to the praise and glory of God.

If one reads the life of St. Gaspar one sees that the message of the Blood of Christ is so overpowering that he needed nothing else to sustain his immense physical activity. Today, too, as people observe those involved in the apostolate of Christ's blood, shed out of love for us, they repeat the words of the Bible: "They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar with eagles' wings. They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint (Isaiah 40:31)."

People have always longed for redemption; sometimes, they imagined strange ways in which it could be accomplished. But in Jesus we see a redemption accomplished which is so marvelous that it seems hardly possible. It is God himself who accomplishes the redemption in the Blood of Jesus. It is a real redemption; not some creation of the human imagination. Because it is shed in love, the power of the Divine Blood is real; it is truly a treasure of wisdom and knowledge because it enlightens us about the real relation between God and humanity: whoever is washed in the Blood of Jesus is really sanctified, really justified, really enlightened.

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