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The Spirituality of Our Society According to the Charism of Our Founder

By: D. Luigi Contegiacomo, cpps

By the spirituality, of a Community I mean the sum total of the fundamental values given by the Founder as the special basis and feature of his foundation. I say fundamental values, not their practical applications and their consequences. In this study, therefore, we will speak exclusively of these values, abstracting from the applications and inferences made by St. Gaspar himself and by others after him. These latter will form the object of other studies and researches.

These values, precisely because they are fundamental, are "a-historical" that is, they are for all times and not subject to changes dictated by various historical circumstances (thus differing from their application), and they are "irrenunciable" because they pertain to the very nature of the Society and our pro- found identity as Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood. Without any difficulty these values are reducible to the following four, to which all the others can be reduced:

  1. The paramount value of the Rules;
  2. the centripetal force of the Bond of Charity;
  3. our sanctification for the apostolate and by means of the apostolate;
  4. under the banner of the Blood of Christ.
Spirituality and Theology: