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Short Term, Long Term, on Whose Terms?

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

This article was a presentation given at the USCMA Annual Mission Conference, University of Notre Dame, October 1, 2006. This article seeks to explore the many sides of the question about the term or lenght of time that a person is sent on mission, particularly the theological and missiological implications of different lengths of service in mission.

The first part will be a brief sketch of some of the data that are available on differing lengths of mission. This will set hte scene for the second part, which will look at what cultural factors ocntribute to even considering different lengths of service in mission. Are there factors, unique to this country, that need to be taken into account as we look at varied terms of mission? This will lead into the third part that will explore the theological and missiological remifications of short-and logner-term mission. A fourth and concluding part will try to draw the various strands of this discussion together and pose some questions that deserve further examination.  The phenomenon of short-term mission raises a host of interesting questions. My hope here is to explore a few of them.

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