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Prayer of the Venerable Merlini for the Society

My Lord Jesus Christ, from my whole heart I give you thanks for the infinite goodness with which you have deigned to call me to be numbered among those who live and work under the auspices of your Precious Blood.

O my God, grant that I may learn to appreciate more and more this great grace with which you have honored me! For this vocation I can never thank you sufficiently, because it is the mystic fountain of many blessings for me. You have called me away from my home, from my relatives, from my friends, from all that is attractive to poor human nature, so that you might have possession of my whole heart and my whole soul, and that I might properly cooperate with your grace until death. But this is not within my power; it is again the work of your grace. For this grace I ask; for this grace I implore you! Grant that my sinfulness may not place an obstacle to your continued mercies...

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