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Peace, My Gift to You

Sr. Madeleine Kisner, ASC--US Adorers

Peace, My Gift to You
By Sr. Madeleine Kisner, ASC—US Adorers

After storm and deluge,
Peace hovered o’er the bounding sea,
And sought its rest on the dormant land.
The ribbon of peace, the rainbow across the sky,
Etched the promise of God’s reconciliation
Toward fallen humankind.
Gifts of peace, spoken and unspoken,
Filled the towns and hearts of those in Christ’s ministry.
His days were filled with miraculous moments of peace—
“Rise and walk, be calm, peace I give to you,”
His words echoed throughout the land,
Evoking praise and joy for cures.
He did all in hope of reconciliation for His loved ones,
His weak and fallen brethren.
Again, amidst the rending of the temple veil,
And the darkening, ominous clouds,
“Father, forgive them,” He begs from Calvary’s cross.
“It is finished” –My work is done—I thirst for you
To follow Me in your struggle for peace,
My work is over but yours now begins
In righting the wrongs of nations and peoples.
Your clarion call will again be Peace—
Peace within my followers, peace among nations,
And peace in the minds and hearts of all.
“Do this in remembrance,” He pleads, as He bows
His head and expires in an aura of peace!

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