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Peace Makers at the Foot of the Cross

D. Romano Altobelli, C.PP.S

With Chalice in Hand, We Stand at the Foot of the Cross

We, the women and men of the blood, stand at the foot of that cross where Jesus still bleeds; wars in our streets, wars in our neighbor's yards, wars around the world.

The many needs of reconciliation in our world urge us to carry the blood of the crucified Christ in cups filled at the foot of the Cross. Bonded in charity and bathed in the blood of Christ, we point to Jesus crouched and waiting in the corners of our excess.

The time has come to go again and again into the world needing God's reconciling love. Christ's blood in the chalices of our lives spills as a drink of justice for those excluded because of gender, because of social position, for those who love differently, and for those who live in ways which make us uncomfortable. There's both a poverty of goods and a poverty of belonging for those on the edge.

We are the action and activity of the blood. As we tend the cup, we pray, "Lord God, may this cup pass me by."

It doesn't.

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