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Passionate Pilgrims: A Sojourn of Precious Blood Spirituality

By: Joe Nassal, C.PP.S.

C.PP.S. Resources #13

We are pilgrims of the Precious Blood. We walk this highway, this holy way, together with other men and women - priests, brothers, sisters, associates, companions and candidates. This book is a guide for all who travel this path of Precious Blood spirituality. It is not a map, exactly, because I don't know the landscape of your heart. I only know mine. I only know where the rest stops and exits and places where I can sit down in the company of friends are for me. But each of us has his or her own map through the rugged terrain where this holy highway of the Precious Blood weaves and winds its way through pain and promise to the glorious destination of our dreams...

Spirituality and Theology: