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Five Panel Presentations From 2010 Convocation

Prophetic Witness: Sr. Karen Elliott, CPPS; Evangelization: Sr. Christa Mary Jones, CPS; Covenant: Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Arline Niemas, CPPS Companions; Conversation Journey: Sr. Eileen Scheiber, CPPS; Reconciliation: Fr. Joseph Nassal, CPPS

In response to the keynote addresses at the 2010 Precious Blood Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri, six panelists offered their reflections looking through the lens of the spirituality of the Precious Blood.  The presentations highlighted five images from the spirituality of the Precious Blood: prophetic witness, evangelization, covenant, conversion journey and reconciliation.  

Prophetic Witness..."For all of us, the call to prophetic witness began with our baptism.  For some of us this profound, life-giving water and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit called us forth just hours after we were born ...for others, it occurred later in their lives."

Evangelization..."Evangelization, the proclaiming of the Good News, percolates throughout the human condition "ad gentes" that is to people who have never heard of Christ as well as to others who may know of Him."

Covenant..."Covenant is personal and is about relationships...covenants are written on our hearts...they are spacious."  "In order to have a meaningful dialogue there needs to be a mutual respect for each other...You cannot dialogue with someone if you do not respect them or if you do not see God in that person."

Conversation Journey..."Conversation is a change of mind and hearts, a constant dynamic factor in the life journey of the believer and of a community.  The well is a symbol of entering the depts, drawing from the unconscious into awareness..."

Reconciliation..."Reconciliation in the blood of Christ says the blood of the other stops at our door." "The practice of reconciliation was to enter into dialogue and engage the "other" in storytelling. In telling our stories, our truth..."