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Entering the Wine Press

Fr. Alan Hartway, C.PP.S

As heralds and ambassadors, we must remember that "the message has the authority, not the herald of the message." In this light, we can no longer hold ourselves up in hierarchical positions. As heralds and ambassadors, we must become priests and poets of the Word. How often Gaspar eloquently quotes the Song of Songs, "The blossoming vine gives forth its fragrance (Songs 2:13)," in speaking of the preaching of the members and its fruitful attractiveness.

As members of this missionary community we must become lovers of stories that invite people into the presence of the divine lover. We must listen among our people for these stories, tell them to one another over and over again, and enable others to find this story in their lives. Stories of reconciliation, the forgiveness of sins, where we know of the presence of Jesus, among all the nations, cultures, marginalized, and poor with whom we work.

In the Song of Songs, the invitation is into the fields. It is a way of speaking in the bible about becoming a new creation. This new creation that Jesus has already become, he assures us in the resurrection appearances, is incarnational and relational. He shows us flesh and bones. We know that Jesus is one like us. We are to be flesh and bones in our world, not spiritual and detached.

Spirituality and Theology: