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The Cup of Suffering

Fr. Timothy McFarland, C.PP.S

In talking about the spirituality of the Precious Blood, trying to find new ways of speaking about the Precious Blood, often the comment that we hear or even say ourselves -- How does this apply to my own life and ministry today in the Church? What follows is an attempt from one perspective to make sense of this apostolic spirituality of the Precious Blood. Hopefully the following comments and reflections will aid us in arriving at ways in which our lives and ministry are continuing to be shaped by a spirituality of the Precious Blood.

Spirituality is more than a mere motivation to grow in our love of God. It provides the larger sense of identity and direction to this response. This, in turn, shapes the way we pray, the way we minister, and the way that we come to see ourselves as a member of the Society of the Precious Blood. It is in this way that we can, I believe, find that spirituality which is ours in this day and age.

Understanding one's spirituality, or for that matter the common elements of a society's or community's spirituality in this way, helps in articulating our own individual identity, and those common elements which we share or should share as members of this Community founded and dedicated to spreading the merits of the Precious Blood to the hurting, alienated, suffering, oppressed members of the Body of Christ, which we call the Church.

Spirituality and Theology: