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Covenant, Cross, Chalice

If we see the ministry of the Covenant as central to what we do, then our special focus and contribution to the overall mission of the Church would center around two things: community-building and communication. In the ministries of the Church which we would undertake, a special trademark would be concern for building up the bonding which is the cement of community. We would be interested in overcoming the isolation which individuals feel and which the individualism of our culture makes us particularly prone to. We would help people find their identity in their relation to God and to one another. That would be fostered particularly by our helping people break down the obstacles to communication, that their realities might be expressed fully and without oppression.

Our motive in this: the Covenant, New and Everlasting, made with us in the shedding of Christ's Blood. Gaspar saw this ministry in the ministry of renewal, which should lead to a renewed awareness of our relation to God and God's great love for us. The shedding of Christ's own Blood reveals to us at once the great love which is the source of any meaningful life, and the violence and death which constantly threaten it. It also opens up the possibility for a Eucharistic spirituality, in which the hopes and hungers of the human heart are taken up. And it certainly reinforces our tradition of hospitality.

I would suggest that we explore situations in our ministry which address problems of bonding and communication. In bonding: fidelity in marriage and other commitments, the isolation of the elderly, the commitment to a full and consistent ethic of life, the inclusion of those oppressed and marginalized in our society. In communication: those escapes from communication into alcohol and drug abuse, those breakdowns of communication in marriages and families and local communities.

Spirituality and Theology: