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Community Identity

Fr. Timothy McFarland, C.PP.S

A spirituality of the Precious Blood is able to interpret and give direction to individual lives. It seems as if our call as members of the Society of the Precious Blood is to aid people in our ministry to come to the awareness that in the light of the Precious Blood, the price of our redemption, we can find meaning, purpose and direction in our lives.

First: What is it at the very bottom line that gives us a sense of identity as a member of the C.PP.S.? As we look to the future, with the shortage of personnel we are already experiencing, what is going to keep us moving with a sense of purpose and direction, rather than just begrudgingly moving from one task to another?

I think a spirituality of the Precious Blood is a most obvious choice for all of us. There are many different ways of relating to God, many different spiritualities. We can't use all of them. I think the challenge for us is to use our ministry and apostolates as a source of continuing reflection on the mystery of the Blood in our lives. The challenge for us, is to help people realize in their own struggles and sufferings that the cup of suffering can become the cup of salvation, and the blood of suffering and death can be sacrificed, made holy, to become the blood of resurrection and life.

Spirituality and Theology: