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Children's Liturgy of the Word, May 2, 2010 (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Courtesy: Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Prayer: Loving God, we praise and thank you For the newness we see all around us in nature: Trees and grass are green again; The sun has kissed plants and now flowers are blossoming. May your Risen Son, Jesus Christ, Hug our hearts and help us bloom with newness, too. AMEN.

Today’s scripture readings talk about something NEW. In the reading from the book of Revelation, heaven and earth look new to John because he sees things differently. That’s what “revelation” means. When something is revealed, we see it like we have never seen it before. Can you think of a revelation that you have had?

Examples: Planting a seed, watering the soil, then watching and waiting until you see something green poking its way out of the earth. After making the connection between seeds and plants, we now see that a tiny seed has LOTS of power in it to become something much bigger and more beautiful.

Another example: Ask if they remember when they were born. NO. Then talk about the marvel of seeing a baby and realizing that all of us began as babies. We were really small and helpless, but we have power in us to grow.

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