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Children's Liturgy of the Word, April 18, 2010 (Third Sunday of Easter)

Courtesy: Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Please help us to show our love for you by our words and our actions. In Your Name We Pray, AMEN.

Have you ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words”? Today we learn that what we do and how we live tells others about who we are and what we believe. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Easter and Holy Week where Jesus’ act of dying on the cross and then rising showed us how much God loves us. Today’s first reading tells about the apostles getting into big trouble and being punished for teaching about Jesus. They showed their love and respect for Jesus by continuing to teach even though they were told by the government to stop. In the Gospel, we hear about the Disciples fishing but not catching anything. (Does this story sound familiar? Remember the same thing happened when Jesus first called some of the Disciples to come with him. It makes me wonder if the Disciples were really bad fishermen and Jesus picked them because he knew they really needed his help!). A guy that they don’t recognize tells them to try again. They do and catch tons of fish. The Disciples suddenly remember this has happened before, “It must be Jesus!” They cooked some of the fish. Jesus then shared the fish and bread with them as he did at the Last Supper. It was through Jesus’ actions that they knew who he was. Our actions show who we are, too. We may say that we love and follow Jesus but do our actions say that too? Are we kind to everyone, even the people that others don’t like or that don’t like us? Do we go the Church every week? Do we respect our teachers and our parents? Do we volunteer to help others? Do we stand up for others? Do we speak out against things that we believe are wrong like the war?

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