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Building Community in the Blood of the Covenant

Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S.

In my visit to Poland in November of 1993 I would ask our young aspirants and seminarians what it was that brought them to the C.PP.S. Almost without variation, the answer I received was "the search for community life"!

In a very different setting, during our Cincinnati Assembly of 1993, we formed in groups during the Assembly and were asked to draw up a list of priorities in our lives, indicating what it was we considered most important to us. To the surprise of many of us there, "community life" turned out to be the first or second choice of all the groups!

Surely the emergence of community life as an important element in the dreams and visions we have as we enter and live in our Congregations is a fact to be weighed today. In a world fragmented and torn apart, immersed in individualism and competition, once again people are once again searching for community to break out of their isolation and loneliness.

In our last meeting of Superiors General in Rome in May of this year, this observation was confirmed by comments made by numerous Generals when speaking of their Congregations. I think we can safely affirm that in the dreams and visions of many young men and women who enter religious life today and who join our ranks as young Adorers or Missionaries, lies the desire to live meaningful relationships in community.

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