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St. Gaspar del Bufalo, Apostle of the Blood of Christ Volume I: Devotion to the Blood of Christ in the Life and Apostolate of Saint Gaspar

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Fr. Beniamino Conti, C.PP.S.

Volume I of this two-volume work examines St. Gaspar's preaching on the devotion to the Precious Blood.  Gaspar was renowned as one of the great preachers of his day; the Congregation he founded in 1815 had as its special aim the preaching of missions and retreats for the renewal of the Church.

Ironically, however, no texts of Gaspar's sermons on the Precious blood have come down to us.  Nevertheless it is possible, as Fr. Benizmino Conti amply demonstrates in this volume, to know something of the nature and goals of Gaspar's preaching.  He introduces the reader to the sources for understanding the preaching of St. Gaspar on the Blood of Christ and how he saw preaching on this mystery as a way to reevangelize the Church of his time. 

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