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Service Opportunities

As the Missionaries of the Precious Blood celebrate the 200th anniversary of their founding by St. Gaspar de Bufalo at the Abbey of San Felice, in Gianno, Italy on August 15, 1815, we want to not only celebrate our past, but also launch out future.  As the sons and daughters of St. Gaspar, who wished to have “a thousand tongues to soften every heart towards the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ,” we are the fulfilment of that wish.

St. Gaspar did not start out life as a saint.  He started as a son of Antonio and Annunziata del Bufalo.  When he was young, lived with them in the servants quarters of a palace near the Church of the Gesu in Rome.  There he saw both wealth and poverty – wealth within the palace and poverty not far away, especially among the farmers who brought their produce to sell in the nearby market.  There he developed a heart full of compassion.

As part of our bicentennial celebration, we wish to gather a thousand hours of service dedicated to following in the footsteps of our founder.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, we read about the jubilee.  Once every fifty years, the people of God were called, among other things, to do justice for the poor, forgiving debts and giving poor families an opportunity to start over.  During this jubilee year for the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, we wish to do something similar, by doing acts of service that really help those most in need in our society today.