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Adorers of the Blood of Christ

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Adorers of the Blood of Christ

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Prophetic voices of the Word of Light
Messengers of reconciliation and peace
Fearless apostles of the Precious Blood of Christ
Witnesses of the salvific glory of the cross

“Maria De Mattias was born of an honest, modestly well-to-do family of Vallecorsa, in the Province of Campagna in the Papal States on February 4, 1805. She was baptized on the same day. Her father was Giovanni De Mattias, and her mother was Ottavia De Angelis” (Words of her biographer, Venerable Giovanni Merlini).

Inspired by St. Gaspar del Bufalo, she founded the Congregation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Acuto, Italy in 1834. She began the institute by means of education, a fledgling institution at the time of the Papal States, and used this ministry as a means for formation and catechesis, since she was inspired by the need to “save souls.”

Along with her intense apostolic activity, in many aspects avant-garde and prophetic, she lived a life of profound contemplation.

Her example has influenced and involved many followers, many of whom have been and are full of ardor and prophetic intuition like their foundress.

Maria died on August 20, 1866. The young congregation of about 200 Adorers had spread to England, Switzerland and Germany.

Today the Adorers are on five continents, twenty-seven countries, with about 1800 members in more than 300 communities.

Apostolic ministries include education, evangelization, human, social and cultural promotion, and safeguarding the rights of women and the marginalized.

Along its 170-year history, the Congregation has experienced persecution and martyrdom and has given its contribution—which we hope will never be lacking—to the holiness of the Church.

Prayer in Time of Special Need

St. Maria De Mattias, Adorer, Apostle of the Divine Blood, I turn to you for help in this time of special need. Please intercede for me through the merits of the Precious Blood of Jesus and obtain for me (mention request here) if such be God’s Holy Will.

Help me to lead a life pleasing to God, and some day to be forever united with you and with all my dear ones and the saints in the peace and joy of God’s loving presence forever. Amen.

St. Maria De Mattias, pray for us.